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Jeffrey D. Boyd

President and Chief Operating Officer

Simply Yachts, LLC has begun a New Era and Organizational change, with Mr. Jeffrey D. Boyd now taking the helm as the new President and Chief Operating Officer (CCO) of Simply Yachts, LLC. Jeff will now take Simply Yachts, LLC to a new and higher “waterline.”

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Laura DaCosta

Director of Operations

Introduction: Ahoy! I'm the Director of Operations at Simply Yachts, where my passion for the high seas meets my knack for operational excellence. With the wind in my sails and a keen eye for detail, I'm at the helm, ensuring that Simply Yachts continues to set the gold standard in luxury yachting.

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Makayla Webb

Executive Assistant

Introduction: Ahoy there! I'm the friendly and efficient Executive Assistant at Simply Yachts, where we're all about living the yacht life to the fullest. My job is to ensure everything runs like a well-oiled anchor winch behind the scenes.

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